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You’re doing the right thing by saving for your future. But the financial institutions managing our investments and retirement funds, like Vanguard, Fidelity, and BlackRock, are funnelling money into the companies responsible for the climate crisis. And make no mistake: the climate crisis will cause the next big financial crisis.

Right now, widespread, truly sustainable investment options don’t exist, despite what is marketed as “sustainable” – we need to create a demand for them.
FixMyFunds is a group of climate and financial experts working to help you take control of your investment power and shift the economy toward a sustainable future.

We’re organizing billions of dollars in investor power to demand that large asset managers offer climate safe products as the primary option for their customers, so that we will no longer need to opt out of investments in fossil fuels.

We hold the funds, so we hold the power – and every customer counts.

“I’ve always been told to save for retirement, so I set up a Vanguard account. But Vanguard’s investment in planet-destroying industries like coal and oil put my retirement, and fundamentally all of our futures, at risk. We can’t afford for Vanguard to fuel climate chaos with its investments.” –Kaytee, Vanguard investor from Pennsylvania

“I was shocked to learn that my investments are fueling the climate crisis. I have several iShares products and want BlackRock to immediately phase out fossil fuels and deforestation from these investments and offer me climate safe options.” –Maggie, BlackRock investor from California

“I began saving for my retirement in a workplace-sponsored 401(k) plan. I don’t want my hard-earned savings driving climate change. And I’m worried that these financial institutions are harming our communities and environment, and impacting my investment returns.” –Perry, Fidelity investor from Maryland

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