The Issue - FixMyFunds

Financial behemoths like BlackRock, Vanguard, and Fidelity collectively manage nearly $20 trillion. Right now, they are putting our investments and retirement savings into funds that invest in the companies driving the climate crisis through deforestation, fossil fuel extraction and expansion, and projects that undermine Indigenous and human rights and disproportionately harm Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color.

BlackRock, Vanguard, and Fidelity are the world’s largest investors in fossil fuels, deforestation, and climate chaos.

Many economists have now said that climate change will cause the next financial crisis—and too many American families are still recovering from the last one. Like 2008, financial institutions are making potentially-catastrophic bets with your money on doomed assets, but this time those assets are fossil fuels. If things don’t change, our economic security will weaken and inequity will continue to grow, all while the health of our planet continues to erode for future generations.

We deserve socially responsible options that keep our financial futures secure. And as scientists and industry players call for bold climate action for a livable future, our time to act is now.

We can organize billions of dollars worth of investor power to call for climate-safe products as the primary option, and the Vanguard’s, Fidelity’s, and BlackRock’s of the world will have to respond.

Creating a new standard for investing

A handful of truly sustainable investment options already exist! These funds are possible and profitable. But right now they are considered niche products. If asset managers see the demand, they will create more of these funds and start prioritizing them for clients, meaning more money safely invested in funds that don’t fuel the climate crisis.

Fossil fuels, companies causing deforestation, and other industries that harm our climate and communities are toxic investments, and it’s time to stop allowing our hard-earned money to power them.

You can demand better for your investments. Join thousands of other investors in demanding that your asset manager provides you with truly sustainable investments that protect our planet and your financial future.